Let It Shine! Let It Shine!

"LET IT SHINE! LET IT SHINE! The planning of this milestone recording project was a true labour of love from a group of legendary artists and a passionate creative team, that found comfort in African American hymns and spirituals during a time of deep trouble in our world. From the perils and sadness due to the politics and division in the U.S. and around the world, to the racial division in the U.S. capped off by the murder of George Floyd, to the onset of a worldwide pandemic like no one had ever seen. The incredible artists associated with this recording project longed for an opportunity to create, break bread, pray, celebrate life, and make deeply soulful and special music together. The direction for the music from the beginning was to step away from the world of jazz that we all know so deeply, and dig deeper to the roots of Black music with a record of spirituals and gospels that would serve as nourishment within our troubled times. All of this was recorded through the lens and perspective of some of the greatest jazz musicians in the world. Watch the "Behind The Scenes" video here

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