Dee's Vocal Clinics

Dr. Dee Daniels, Vocal Clinician

A consummate jazz, blues, and gospel vocalist of the highest calibre, Dr. Dee Daniels performs globally in diverse performance settings, and is a vocal educator, recording artist, composer, and inspirational speaker of note. She is a strong believer in giving back through mentoring and providing financial assistance with the creation of two Dee Daniels Vocal Jazz Scholarships. The first was created in 2001 at Capilano University (North Vancouver, BC) and was moved to the DeMiero Jazz Festival (WA) in 2017 where it remains. The second scholarship was created in 2023 and is administered through Jazz Education Network (JEN).

As a vocal clinician, Dr. Dee’s clinics, workshops, and master classes are geared specifically towards the jazz vocalist, but the information presented is applicable to any non-classical genre and/or vocal style. Instrumentalists also attend her workshops as many of the topics presented are applicable to instrumental expression. A supportive, interactive, and hands-on environment is immediately created where participants feel comfortable and safe as they are guided out of their “comfort zones” and encouraged to try new ideas. A multitude of topics are structured to lead participants on a journey of exploration that results in increased vocal and performance skills. All the ingredients of what it takes to become the consummate vocalist are explored.

Selected list of clinic topics...

  • Making It Real: Storytelling Through Song
  • Crossing Vocal Bridges: A Seamless Approach
  • The Dr. Dee Daniels Rose Breath and Numbered Activation Vocal Techniques
  • Continuing the Story Without Words: The Art of Creating Scat
  • New Tools to Create or Enhance Your Skills as a Vocal Teacher
  • Personal Grounding Techniques / How to Create with Focused Energy
  • Phrasing: Melodic & Rhythmic Exploration
  • Mic Technique
  • Performance Presentation: Stage Presence & Personality Development, Body Language & Movement
  • Audience Interaction: Getting them into the palm of your hands
  • Listening: Comparing and Analyzing Vocal Styles
  • Song Arranging
  • Choosing Repertoire
  • A Vocalist's Responsibilities and Jargon

"Before & After" Video

Watch a ‘before & after’ video of a student in one of Dr. Dee’s workshops. (The ‘before’ video was taken on the second day of the workshop. The ‘after’ video was taken on the fourth day of the workshop). The student had no prior singing experience. Up until then he was an instrumentalist only playing piano, bass, guitar, and drums.

Student Testimonials

SELECTED Clinic Locations

  • JEN Conferences (Jazz Education Network)
  • Dee Daniels Vocal Jazz Workshop (Sitka, Alaska)
  • Aaron Copeland School of Music, Queens College (New York)
  • Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival (Idaho)
  • Port Townsend Jazz Festival & Workshop; Frank DeMiero Jazz Festival (Washington)
  • Royal Conservatories of The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastricht, and Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  • Cologne Music Conservatory (Germany)
  • Capilano University; Phil Dwyer Jazz Vocal Camp (Vancouver, BC)
  • University of the Pacific and Brubeck Institute (California)
  • And more...

Educational Postings

  • Vocal Jazz Teacher at the Conservatory of Music, University of the Pacific (2019 - 2020) Stockton, CA
  • President’s Advisory Council - Jazz Education Network (2016 - 2018)
  • Adjudicator for the National YoungArts Competition (2012 - 2017) Washington, DC
  • Artistic Director - DeMiero Jazz Festival (2011 - 2017, an all vocal jazz performance & education festival), Edmonds, WA
  • Music, Queens College (2013 - 2014) Queens, NY
  • Dee Daniels Vocal Jazz Workshop (2013 & 2014, week-long workshops) Sitka, AK
  • Vocal Faculty at the Centrum Port Townsend Jazz Workshop & Festival (multiple times) Port Townsend, WA
  • Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival Advisory Board, University of Idaho (2002 - 2008)

Clinic Quotes

  • Dr. Lynn J. Skinner, Executive Director Emeritus
    “The great Lionel Hampton use to sum up the phenomena of Dee Daniels' artistry by saying, "To know her is to love her." I have had the opportunity of observing Dee's innate ability to inspire and motivate hundreds of vocal and instrumental students in the role of Dee Daniels - the Teacher. I personally know, or have known, most of the great jazz vocalist of our time, and in my opinion, Dee's gift for teaching is the greatest of them all! Furthermore, as someone who has witnessed the captivating vocal style and presence of Dee Daniels at the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival for sixteen consecutive years, I can surely attest to her marvelous performance ability.
  • John Clayton, Co-director of the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz
    Dee is beyond category, although her influences are apparent. She has the strength and power of someone with classical technique, her gospel influence leaps at you from her soul, her jazz swings, her repertoire and knowledge of the American Songbook is expansive, and, she composes music and lyrics. Her vocal range is seemingly endless, something that many musicians marvel at about her. In concert, she is SCINTILLATING!
  • Gregg Miller, Centrum Associate Director, Port Townsend Jazz
    We so much appreciated all Dee Daniels' work in helping to conceive and implement the new system of 3 teachers. The singers were without a doubt the happiest they have ever been. Secondly, her contribution as a teacher was top-notch, and was the perfect foil for the approach the other two teachers (Kurt Elling and Nancy King) took. Together they made a strong 3-legged stool. Finally, Dee's strengths as a performer were marvelous! From the 'Faculty Presents to the clubs and main stage, she sounded great each time. We are so grateful to her for being a great addition to the faculty.
  • Magnus Nilsson, Projects Office, Utrecht Conservatorium, NL
    Dee was a great inspiration for our vocalists - taking them to new levels on text interpretation and phrasing. We hope to have her back soon!
  • Wouter Turkenburg, Head of Jazz Studies
    In her teaching, Dee Daniels combines a deep knowledge about jazz singing with a vast amount of experience. She immediately understands the student and gives the right amount information to the student to improve, not only on the spot but also in the practice room the next day. Dee Daniels is well aware of jazz life both in the USA and in Europe and she knows how to build bridges between them.
  • Lizz Wright, Vocalist, Verve Recording Artist & Student
    Dee Daniels - one of my greatest mentors.
  • Deb, Calgary, AB
    The concert on Wednesday went very well. I remembered to use your 'Rose Breath' and 'Numbered Activation' techniques. I also remembered to focus on my intention prior to the concert - "I'm going to have a conversation with the audience". There were many good comments from the audience and the musicians were very happy. One of my friends quoted back some of my lyrics in the context of a conversation. So, I think it worked! Thanks so much for the guidance and encouragement and helping me get to where I want to go musically.
  • Bruce Smith, Music Teacher, Gulf Islands Secondary, BC
    I just wanted to say...a big thank you so much. You have such a wonderful way with the students. I will try to reinforce some of your concepts, but I think they get it!
  • Adrienne Valencia, Director of Education
    I had a wonderful experience watching Ms. Daniels work with the high school students. She was an absolute delight! The students of Penfield High School had a great time working with her, and their instructor was thrilled that an artist of her calibre would take the time to help young vocalist.
  • Althea Di Gregorio, Vancouver Workshop Participant
    I attended your vocal workshop several weeks back and appreciated your approach to teI attended your vocal workshop in Vancouver and appreciated your approach to teaching and getting your ideas through to the attendees. Being a vocal teacher/coach (and singer for many years), I was pleased and thrilled to feel so validated by you ...despite my many years' experience and studying and working with musicians of all calibers. Spending that Saturday with you raised my spirit. I felt such joy and a sense of accomplishment for a litany of reasons. I wish you continued love from your 'benevolent universe'.
  • D'arcy, Vancouver Workshop Participant
    I wanted to let you know what a difference those few hours at the workshop have made in me, my singing, and my abilities. I am so grateful. After seeing and listening to you, my thinking changed. At a recent concert, I no longer felt I needed to "prove" myself to the audience, but rather I was there to connect with them through the music. I had never been that calm in front of such a big crowd when the time came. (My hands didn't sweat at all either which is a miracle!). Vocally, I used your "rose breath" and "numbered activation" philosophy and technique and experienced proper vocal support. Your techniques have definitely helped me tremendously. I have never felt more confident.
  • Kim Rushing, Port Townsend Jazz Festival
    I wanted to thank you for coming to Centrum and sharing your knowledge and music! I had an amazing experience at the workshop; I had a musical/spiritual opening that was deeply profound. I have much more joy in my life and singing and practicing all around! I used your concept of imagining the audience as friends in my living room at my gig at the Upstage in September. It worked great - I wasn't as nervous as I used to be! The energy was great. I also used your method of "unzipping" myself and let the white light shine! A great fun time was had by all.
  • Mavis Poole, Port Townsend Jazz Festival
    I just wanted to say that I truly enjoyed working with you. You have made such an impact on my singing (rose breath) and I am forever indebted to you. Thanks for everything!
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