What Presenters Say About Dee Daniels

“Dee, I have finally slept off the main chunk of exhaustion from the Festival and emailing to thank you for your amazing performance. I went into town yesterday for groceries and a quick trip to the library and was stopped no less than 8 times with comments about your concert, ranging from "When can you get her back?" to "If that’s jazz, I love jazz and I never knew it!" You blew us all away. Thank you so much, and please pass the love on to your sidemen. Hope to work with you again soon.”

Carole Rubin, Director, Pender Harbor Jazz Festival

“Dee Daniels is the best singer I’ve ever heard!”

Lou Soloff, Trumpet (Blood, Sweat & Tears)

“There have been two vocalists that I felt I could accompany when I first heard their recordings - Carmen McRae and Dakota Staton, both because of how they communicated to me. When I hit the first note on the piano with Dee, it felt so good, so right. It was not only her voice, her swing, her soul, but her musicianship as well. Our communication was fluid. She knew what the band was doing, and what to do about it vocally. I was comfortable and confident playing for her!”

Norman Simmons, Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Jazz Legend

“Dee Daniels, one of my favorite people on this earth. To call her a vocalist is an understatement. Her performances jump straight into your bloodstream!”

Benny Powell, Trombone - Count Basie Big Band Alumni, Jazz Legend

“Wow... the accolades are still pouring in regarding your lunchtime keynote address at the Sixth Annual 2009 Women’s CEO and Senior Management Summit! You were FANTASTIC!!!!!!! You really touched your audience in such a moving and unexpected way.”

Amy Kopelan, President, Bedlam Entertainment Inc., NY
Co-Creator of The Guru Nation, Co-Author, I Didn’t See It Coming

“Dee Daniels was asked if she would be willing to go the public library to talk to the kids in the Safe To Be Smart program at the Rochester Public Library. Dee did indeed agree to do that and gave a very motivational talk! Linda and I attended and it was terrific. I just wanted to heap praise on Dee!!!”

Sidney Weinstein, Board Member of the Rundel Foundation at the Rochester (NY) Public Library, and subscriber to the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

“I just love Dee Daniels! She is the most wonderful guest artist. I so appreciate her willingness to give vocal clinics at the high schools whenever she comes to Rochester. Barbara Larson, RPO Outreach Coordinator, and I agree that you were one of our absolute favorite guest artists over the last two seasons here at the RPO, you bring so much class and inspiration along with your exceptional talent and presence!”

Adrienne Valencia, Director of Education & Outreach, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

“Dee Daniels is not just a great vocalist... she is a great musician. Her range of expression is amazing. Audiences and musicians love her work. When I’m creating a symphony program and I want a jazz vocal artist, the first name I think of is... Dee Daniels!”

Jeff Tyzik, Principal Pops Conductor, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

“Dee Daniels presented a terrific program of music made famous by the ‘Great Ladies of Swing’. She never succumbed to the temptation of copying these ladies styles, but rather used those styles as a starting place so that what you got was pure Dee Daniels. That is a gift that everyone should experience. She is a vocalist with a beautiful voice, an enormous range, and a endless variety of styles that is destined to mesmerize and entertain any audience.”

Michael Wall, Director of Artistic Operations, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

“Dee Daniels possesses a clear and powerful voice and the artistic flexibility to deliver the most intimate ballad, spirited jazz number, or heart-felt blues classic, all with an authenticity that reflects decades of dedication to the art of American song. All this, combined with a dazzling stage presence, gives her a singular ability to thrill an audience.”

Michael Brockman, Artistic Director and Executive Director, Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra, Faculty, University of Washington School of Music

“FANTASTIC!! Dee Daniels captured the audience when she first walked on stage and never let go! Her charismatic stage personality and incredible vocal flexibility coupled with outstanding arrangements by Dave Pierce, allowed each song to have its own special essence. Thanks for a great evening--Dee IS "The First Lady of Swing.”

William LaRue Jones, Music Director and Conductor, Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra

“Some of the vocalists who have appeared at one or more of the 28 annual Paradise Valley Jazz Parties include Joe Williams, Ruth Brown, Linda Hopkins, Freddy Cole, and folks like that. This year Dee Daniels filled the vocalist spot with grace, charm, wit, and, most importantly swinging beautiful music. Our audience was as charmed as I was with her performance during the evening cameo and the Sunday morning "Gospel Hour". If I wasn’t married for 52 years, was a bit younger, and if she were single. . . . (and not so damn tall... ).”

Don Z. Miller, The Paradise Valley Jazz Party

“The Christmas concert with Dee was breathtaking - what a performance, what a very lovely lady. It was the best concert we ever had in the Alexandrium in Rotterdam, NL.”

Tom Gosselaar, Tomusic Productions, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

“We thought Dee was fantastic. She has a striking presence and she really lit up the stage for us. Dee exudes style and has a wonderful, natural feel for popular song. And a great voice, too. Her sets with the orchestra went beautifully. Audiences loved her. As an added plus, she is a dream to work with. We look forward to having her back.”

Jeff Woodruff, General Manager, The Florida Orchestra

“Dee Daniels delivers an evening of pure gold with her amazing talent as a swing/soul/gospel/jazz/blues entertainer. Her range and versatility are nothing short of phenomenal, and she delights the audience with her charm and wit. The charts Dee provides for her "Great Ladies of Swing" are masterfully orchestrated and downright fun for the orchestra to play. On top of everything, Dee is joy to work with - easy-going, organized, and professional. Dee is guaranteed to dazzle your audience.”

Glenn Roberts, Executive Director, Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic

“I admire Dee Daniels professionally and personally. She is an artist; her ability to convey the power of a tune -- from belting out the high notes to the most intimate, quiet purring into the mic - is flawless. I also admire her stage presence - very comfortable with bantering and introducing the music in between tunes. She’s a publicist’s dream come true - warm, friendly, engaging in interviews. I can’t wait to work with her again.”

Liz Parker, Public Relations Manager, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

“From my very first meeting with Dee Daniels I was taken back by her utter commitment to her performance and also her calm approach to rehearsals and her spot-on preparedness. The audience reaction to her dynamic personality and warmth set an atmosphere that reverberated throughout the auditorium. The reaction of the orchestra members, both at rehearsals and performances, to her interaction with them was displayed through their admiration for her musicianship and professionalism. The impressive range of her voice and the way in which she colors her dynamics brought the audience to their feet on many occasions. I cannot say enough about her stage presence and magnetic personality. From a conductor’s point of view she is a gem in that she knows her art so well that she performs with confidence and absolute authority.”

Royston Nash, Music Director and Conductor, Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra

“Dee Daniels lived up to her billing and then some. Her range is truly incredible and is equally matched by her rapport with the audience. It was almost as if she knew them all personally.”

Ted Hale, General Manager, Midland-Odessa Symphony & Chorale

“I heard nothing but rave reviews and compliments. People were absolutely thrilled and awed by the concert and by your incredible singing - the high and the low notes are beyond description!”

Jean Bristow, General Manager, Symphonie of the Kootenays

“Dee was fabulous. Classy, gracious and a superb entertainer. It’s no wonder the audience was on its feet for an ovation!”

Alex Baran, Executive Director, Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra

“Dee was fantastic and exceeded all of our expectations. The class, elegance and style she brought to the evening left our audience breathless. Her musicianship combined with her incredible arrangements truly makes her one of the best vocalists of this or any generation.”

Byron Stripling, Trumpeter/Conductor, Columbus Jazz Orchestra

“Once again, it was a pleasure to work with you and spend time with you while you were in town. Congratulations on your outstanding performances! It was a treat for the orchestra, the audience, and me to have you.”

Dylan Smith, Artistic Coordinator, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

“It was a pleasure to have Dee in Winnipeg. She was absolutely phenomenal in every way and Winnipeggers really fell in love with her! I (along with many new fans) am already looking forward to her next visit to Winnipeg!”

Charisse Wurch, Production Assistant, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

“I have performed in many Pops concerts in the 20 or so years that I have been a member of WSO, and must admit that this one was the highlight for me. I felt it a privilege to play in the orchestra for this one and marveled at Dee Daniels’ brilliance as a vocalist. I sincerely hope that the WSO will have the opportunity to perform with her again in the future.”

Dale Heisinger, Whatcom Symphony Orchestra

“We all enjoyed Dee’s show immensely and had a great time playing it. The charts were fabulous - well arranged and challenging to the players. Dee is an unbelievable entertainer and even more exceptional musician. It was one of the best jazz shows I’ve done and as a librarian, one of the most organized and well put together programs.”

Nora Lowden, Orchestra Librarian/Third Horn, Victoria Symphony